Ordinance Development and Revision

Tree ordinances reflect the values of a community and the worth of a community’s trees.  A tree ordinance encourages tree maintenance to secure the beautification, air purification, noise and dust abatement, stormwater management, water quality, property value enhancements, public health and safety benefits trees provide.

Tree ordinances provide the city an opportunity to set policy and back it with the force of law when necessary.  It provides clear guidance for planting, pruning, removing, and other maintenance on street, park, golf, and other public trees.

Ordinances are considered by urban foresters to be most important component of a successful urban forestry program.  Ordinances are regulations enacted by municipal government.  Tree ordinances define the legal interaction between the public, the city, and its trees.  They define, among other things, what a private individual can and cannot do to a public-owned tree.

CFC has extensive experience in municipal ordinance development and revision.  Municipal ordinances should be revised as the urban forestry program and community values change.  If well designed they will address standards by which the urban forestry program operates and should be sustainable beyond the tenure of current city staff, administration, and elected officials.

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