Strategic Urban Forest Management Planning

Community Forestry Consultants, Inc. (CFC) provides adaptable, specific, and effective urban forest management plans for municipalities, counties, golf courses, cemetery associations, universities, and institutions of all sizes.   CFC’s approach to urban forestry management planning incorporates public involvement and guidance from policymakers and stakeholders to ensure development of an implementable plan which is adapted to specific community forestry goals.

CFC has extensive experience in developing comprehensive urban forestry master plans that address park and recreation facilities, open space and trails, programs and services, maintenance, and future staffing and funding strategies. Through significant and relevant experience in municipal arboriculture, public administration, and urban forestry management, CFC staff have the “working” knowledge of plan implementation, communication, public meeting facilitation, marketing and finance strategy development, and a keen understanding of the requisite integration of capital facility planning, budgeting, and urban forestry operations required to develop a proactive, customized strategic urban forestry management plan for your community, golf course, university, cemetery association, or other agency.

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