Tree Risk Assessment / Risk Management Plans

Tree risk assessment identifies hazard situations and recommends action before damage is caused to people and property. Risk management is the process by which identified risks are reduced to acceptable levels and assures the owner of the tree the mechanical integrity of the tree is acceptable. Tree risk assessment is a technical process requiring considerable judgement, training, experience, and skill.  Managing trees for risk is a very significant aspect of urban and urban/rural life.  In all these locations people and property integrate with the tree population and are potentially at risk.  Tree retention must balance with the safety of people and is a reflection of socio-economic and political characteristics of the community. CFC’s arborists are certified, experienced, and experts in tree risk assessment, mitigation, risk management, and risk management plan generation.

CFC incorporates risk assessment inventory results into the risk management report to provide recommendations to meet the specific objectives for the tree program.  Our management reports include an executive summary; inventory methodology; tree population analysis; analysis of organization’s forestry maintenance practices and operations; and long-range management and budget program recommendations designed to enhance proactive tree risk management.

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