TreeWorks™ Tree Management Software

The TreeWorks™ tree management system, built on the ArcGIS and ArcPad platforms, represents the culmination of years of research by our partnership of GIS developers, foresters and ISA certified arborists. Our innovative approach allows users to not¬†only easily build their tree inventory, but also to continue updating it on a regular basis with a pocket PC or Tablet PC.

TreeWorks™ also provides management tools to plan and track maintenance work, calculate appraised values, analyze and visualize your data, and produce maps and reports, all with a surprisingly minimal amount of training.

With TreeWorks™ you can:

  • Customize the tree and maintenance descriptors to your required tree inventory data fields.
  • Keep data you take into the field on handheld computers synchronized with your master database in the office.
  • Use GPS or take aerial orthophotos out in the field using pre-programmed handheld computers for highly-accurate tree mapping.
  • Enter and map service requests as they come in the office, then take them out to inspect.
  • Query your maintenance data to create and print work orders.
  • Log completed work out in the field or back at the office.
  • Create and track planting sites as well as tree sites.
  • Create written and graphical analysis of inventory data such as diameter distributions, species composition, condition classes, risk tree classes, and any other statistical analysis through the query ability of the software.
  • Integrates with USDA Forest Service’s – Tree software.

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