Urban Tree Inventories

Fundamental to a tree management program is the inventory, assessment, and appraisal  of the tree resource.   Tree inventories and tree data collection provide the framework for program implementation and development today and into the future.  Therefore, it is critical to have reliable, tested software, and capable people to assess the trees and collect the inventory data.  CFC’s extensive experience in arboriculture enables the company to conduct efficient and accurate street, park, and private tree inventories and canopy assessments.

CFC, Inc. provides a full range of urban forest assessment services and industry tree appraisal methodologies utilizing tree inventories and mapping, to detailed management cost/benefit analyses using TreeWorks™.  CFC utilizes TreeWorks, an ArcGIS tree management, data collection, and inventory management tool that enables agencies to effectively and proactively manage their trees with the most up-to-date information available.   TreeWorks™ is a powerful ArcGIS based tree management software.  Tree inventories collected by CFC can be tailored to meet a variety of needs, including conversion and integration of existing data or software systems, compatibility with USDA Forest Service analysis models, and detailed GIS-based mapping.

CFC, Inc. has extensive experience in collecting tree inventory data on a variety of projects designed to meet client needs and budgets.  We are ISA Certified arborists; ASCA Registered Consulting Arborists, and Certified Tree Risk Assessors.  We have advanced degrees and many years of work experience assessing, appraising and inventorying trees for cities, golf courses, cemeteries, universities, and other agencies.  We are thoroughly trained and experienced foresters and arborists.  We will properly identify and evaluate trees, process the data, map tree locations, and provide a written and graphical analysis to manage your community forest.

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